May 11 , 2024

    Youth Cong condemns arrest of sugarcane farmers.



    President of South District Goa Pradesh Youth Congress, Mahesh Nadar has condemned the arrest of sugarcane farmers who were protesting in Panaji on Monday.
    The farmers have been demanding restarting of the Sanjivani Sugar Factory at Usgao, and have been on a hunger strike for some days now. 
    Nadar said that closure farmers want immediate reopening of Sanjivani Sugar Factory or an ethanol plant that the government had planned to set up within 3 years of the closure. 
    At the time of  announcing compensation, Nadar said that the government had assured that an ethanol plant would be set up within three years. He questioned why the state government is lethargic in setting the plant. 
    “The farmers were assured that they would be in a position to continue with sugarcane production as usual once the plant becomes operational. 
    “The farmers face a bleak future due to the closure of the Sanjivani Sugar Factory since 2020. There will be serious consequences on their livelihood once the five-year period of payment of compensation comes to an end in 2025. Why is the BJP government not sympathetic to the plight of the farmers? Will the government give an assurance to further compensate the farmers once the 5 year period is over? On one hand, Government says to boost production, and on the other hand, this is the treatment meted out to the hapless farmers,” he said.

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