Goa State Tennis Association Elects New Committee For The Next Five Years


The newly elected committee of the Goa State Tennis Association (GSTA) is poised to lead the association into a new era of growth and development by enhancing infrastructure and facilities for tennis players across the state, organising state-level and national-level tournaments to foster competitive spirit and implementing training programmes to nurture young talent.

The recently elected committee of the GSTA comprises Sameer Kakodkar, president; Sachin Dukle, secretary; Rohan Kamat, treasurer; Santosh Fondekar, vice president; Raju Paiginkar, vice president. The Association’s committee members include Nikunj Gupta, Shivan Desai, Anurag Agrawal, Rajan Bandekar, Ben Saldanha, Laxman Iyer, Jude Mascarenhas, adv. Lucio Fernandes and Sanket Nayak.
About GSTA: The State Tennis Association is a state-level sports association responsible for nurturing tennis talent and infrastructure in Goa and promoting the sport in the state.

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