May 30 , 2024

    IMA Goa State proudly announces the initiation of its impactful mental health awareness campaign, “Be Kind to your Mind,” for the year 2024.


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    In light of the recent tragic incident in Calangute, where a mother took the life of her
    4-year-old son, the imperative for proactive mental health initiatives has gained even
    greater significance. The incident serves as a poignant reminder of the unseen
    struggles individuals face under intense psychological stress, often unbeknownst to
    those around them.
    The “Be Kind to your Mind” campaign is rooted in the recognition of the pervasive
    challenges related to mental health in today’s society. The campaign seeks to
    destigmatize mental health concerns, promote education, and offer support through the
    expertise of mental health professionals.
    As part of the initiative, IMA Goa State is organizing self-care skill workshops,
    placing a strong emphasis on enhancing resilience to navigate stressors in both
    professional and personal realms.
    In a proactive step toward community well-being, the association is actively exploring
    collaboration with the Education Department. Pending approval, the IMA Goa State
    plans to conduct psychological counselling sessions for parents of school children.
    These sessions aim to equip parents with valuable coping mechanisms, fostering a
    healthier mental environment within the community.
    “We believe that prioritizing mental health is essential for the well-being of
    individuals and communities at large. ‘Be Kind to your Mind’ is a call to action, urging
    everyone to invest in their mental well-being,”!!
    The association remains resolute in its commitment to addressing mental health issues
    comprehensively. Through increased awareness, education, and community
    involvement, IMA Goa State aspires to contribute to a society that values and
    prioritizes mental health.

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