July 8 , 2024

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    Aldona Congress MLA Adv Carlos Alvares Ferreira on Tuesday announced the in-principle approval for the redevelopment of the market complex in Aldona which is lying in a dilapidated condition for the last decade or so.

    Aldona Market in dilapidated condition.

    Addressing the media, Adv Ferreira said that the in-principle approval was the first hurdle for the redevelopment of the market and with it out of the way, work on drawing up plans for its redevelopment can now move forward.

    “The Government of Goa has given in principle approval for doing the Aldona Market, which as you know is on the verge of collapse. People are still using it and I had spoken to the market vendors and also to the members of Fabrica. Everybody is cooperating. We will take every stakeholder into consideration and we will make sure that we will get this done fast. The first hurdle was where we wanted in principle approval from the government of Goa,” Adv Ferreira said.

    “The Minister for Panchayats Mauvin Godinho along with the committee which he headed approved our request of the panchayat and has granted in principle approval. I thank him for this speedy decision. Because this has been pending for more than 10 years and nothing was done,” Adv Ferreira said.

    “Now I think we need to have a detailed plan — the number of shops, the rehabilitation and also giving the balance on rent. I think all this will be approved in a short time, once we get the plans approved, passed and the funds can be utilised when the plans are done,” he added.

    Adv Ferreira, who completed two years as a first time MLA of the Aldona constituency, also announced that he has secured work over Rs 100 crore for the constituency including several works that were pending for more than a decade.

    “I have been able to get works for our constituency worth over Rs 100 crore. I have not taken 10 years to get 100 crore. The underground cabling which will be to the benefit of all the people is worth Rs 94 crore. And I also have in Moira village I have got the government to sanction the Attafondem- Calizor bundh — the tender is out. Almost Rs 14 crore is approved.

    “Simultaneously our Corjuem Podval khazan — that also the tender is out and it also would have been awarded by now it is worth nearly Rs 11 crore,” he added.

    “The people were crying because saline water was entering the fields, but I’m very happy that the tenders are out. This is not including other small works including the roads, footpaths, retaining walls etc that have been built during my tenure,” he said.

    “What has not been done for 10 years at least I am in a position to take things forward. I’m thankful to the people of Aldona for standing with me and bearing with patience because the market has been a matter of concern for every Aldoncar and I appeal to everyone to come and stand by me so that we can make the market a reality in the shortest possible time,” he said.

    Speaking on the issue of cancellation of Passports of those who have registered their births in Portugal, Adv Ferreira claimed that the ruling government had sought his expertise in an attempt to find a solution to the issue.

    “They were in touch with me when they were in Delhi to take my inputs and suggestions on what can be done, so I believe they were genuinely trying for it for other reasons, which I can’t disclose but let us see what comes out of it. The Government of India has to take a decision which applies across the country. It’s not like a state subject which is not only for Goa,” he added.

    “If there’s a will there’s a way and they can give relief to our people who have done registration of their births. It’s not difficult,” he also said.

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