Goa to vote on May 7 in phase 3 in the upcoming Lok Sabha 2024 elections.

Chief Electoral Officer Shri.Ramesh Verma, IAS briefed Media on the General #LokasabhaElection2024 at Conference hall, Kar Bhavan, Altinho Panaji.


The date of poll in respect of General Election to Lok Sabha 2024 for 2 seats in state in Goa, as mentioned has already scheduled for Phase 3 (Third) of Election, on May 7, 2024.
Accordingly, the election schedule for Goa will be held as per schedule:
1 Issue of Notification: 12 April 2024
2 Last Date of filing Nominations: 19 April 2024
3 Scrutinies of Nominations: 20 April 2024
4 Last date for withdrawal of Candidature: 22 April 2024
5 Date of Poll: 7 May 2024
6 Counting of Votes-June 4, 2024
The term of Parliamentary Election is due to expire on June 16, 2024. Elections are due for 2 seats in the State of Goa i.e. North and South Goa Parliamentary Constituencies. Elections have consistently seen a high voter participation – be it in State Assembly Elections, 2022 (81.89%) and for Lok Sabha Elections, 2019 (75.12%) In Goa State
Election Commission of India is committed to conduct the forthcoming elections in a free, fair, peaceful, accessible, ethical, Inducement free, inclusive. At the same time aiming to achieve participation of all voters with special focus on participation of new voters, women, Third gender, Persons with Disabilities and senior citizens.
The total electors in the draft roll previously published on 27/10/2023 with qualifying date 01/10/2023 was 1170698 with voter registered in North Goa being 546865 and South Goa being 623833.
As per the final electoral roll 2024 published on 05/01/2024, the total voters registered in the State of Goa are 1166939, in North Goa 544548 and 622391 in South. The percentage change over previous roll is 0.9%
As on March 16, In terms of voter demographics, Goa has a total of 1,173,016 voters, with 577958 in North Goa and 595058 in South Goa. Among these, there are 568501 male voters and 604515 female voters. Additionally, there are 25,209 first-time voters, with 12,070 in North Goa and 13,139 in South Goa. The number of third-gender voters is 12. Updating of data will be continuous process and the same is being carried out as per the instructions of Election Commission of India, New Delhi.
As on March 16, the total number of voters with disabilities is 9375.
There is 100% photo coverage (General Electors) along with 99.99% EPIC coverage. Total overseas electors enrolled as on date is 83.
As on March 16, in the age group 18 to 19 years i.e. first time voters are 25209 electors (2.15% of total Electoral Population.) and in the age group of 20 to 29 yrs are 201487 (17.18% of total Electoral Population.). As on March 16, Above 85+ are 11640 for Postal ballot home voting.
The state will have a total of 1,725 polling stations, with 863 in North Goa and 862 in South Goa.. The voting in special polling stations shall be done in the similar manner as is done at normal polling station. The CEOs/ DEOs have been asked to provide adequate logistics and proper security. Special training has already been given to conduct poll at such polling stations.
Various activities were conducted under SVEEP are State level eco Akash-kandil decoration competition, Street Play in collaboration with Education department , poster making and elocution competition collaboration with Government college of Home Science , State level Dandiya competition for women, wheel chair musical dance, Wheel Chair Day and Football tournament for senior citizens
Commission has zero tolerance about misuse of money power or government machinery. The District Officers have been instructed to monitor expenditure sensitive Constituencies and ensure comprehensive, coordinated actions.
The Commission has directed to set up Integrated Control Rooms at State Level and District Level for monitoring of election related activities and ensuring co-ordination among various agencies during election for smooth conduct of free and fair election. These control room shall be equipped with all required technical support under responsible officers to monitor, communicate and manage various election related activities efficiently. These control rooms have effective communication equipment, contact numbers of all election related offices/officers for coordinating activities and responding to incidents. These integrated control room shall serve as a nerve center for efficient monitoring, control and management of different activities of elections, helping election authorities.
Commission has also facilitated empowerment of Voters to report violations of Model Code of Conduct and abuse of money power by activating the cVigil App.
By using the cVIGIL app, citizens can promptly report unlawful campaign activities and violation of MCC within minutes of having witnessed them and without having to rush to the office of the returning officer. cVIGIL is a simple, Android-based- Mobile App which is user-friendly and easy to operate. All that one has to do is simply click a picture or a video and describe the activity before uploading it on the mobile application. cVIGIL provides time- stamped evidentiary proof of the Model Code of Conduct / Expenditure Violation, having live photo/video with auto location data.
In order to create awareness among the disabled, visually impaired people, EVM demonstration was carried out by the DEO. As a part of the ongoing SVEEP (Systematic Voter’s Education and Electoral Participation) activities during Special Summary Revision 2024 Youth Voter Festival was organized covering all the places in the State. During the SSR -2024, Camps for Enrollment of PWD and 80+ Senior Citizen were conducted through BLOs in their parts. Special Camp was also organized at INS Mandovi Camp of Navy at Verem to register Navy voters
GREEN HIGHWAY CONCEPT the initiative for planting a medicinal or Fruit bearing Saplings by every voter after voting from selected Polling Stations located –in the vicinity of National Highways. The initiative would be implemented at selected Polling Stations across North and South Goa Parliament,
PLANTING OF SAPLING BY POLL OFFICIALS initiatives of planting of 5 saplings. Plant or fruit bearing) by poll officials in all the polling station locations. The polling team will plant at least 5 plants in each polling station with a message to the voters for greener environment and to create awareness towards love for nature. The plantations drive to be conducted by polling team immediately after setting .up the polling booth.

Medical camp at 8 identified model polling station in urban areas having higher percentage of senior citizen voters across north and south Goa parliamentary constituency.

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