May 31 , 2024

    Villagers of Anjuna Caisua opposes the Sunburn Festival on 31st Dec.


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    In a significant turn of events, over 50 Anjuna locals gathered at the Sunburn site to voice their concerns about the festival being held on December 31. The community emphasized that they are open to the event for three days, but not on the night of December 31.

    Taking the concerns seriously, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has intervened, assuring the community that Sunburn will not be held on December 31. Siolim MLA Delilah Lobo conveyed this commitment to the people of Anjuna, emphasizing the importance of respecting local customs.

    The locals had demanded written confirmation that Sunburn would exclude December 31, a request that Chief Minister Sawant has addressed. This comes in light of the festival’s website initially indicating an extension to include the 31st.

    One of the major concerns raised by the community was the traffic chaos persisting for three hours after Sunburn concludes at 10 PM. MLA Delilah Lobo highlighted the clash with local customs, pointing out that on the night of the 31st, Catholics attend midnight New Year’s mass while local restaurants and shacks rely on business during this time. Any disruptions could significantly impact their revenue.

    The assurance from Chief Minister Sawant is seen as a positive development, alleviating concerns and fostering a collaborative approach between the festival organizes and the local community.

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