The Department of Information Technology, Electronics, and Communication in
Goa unveils an innovative vision as an opportunities aggregator, leveraging its natural ingredients
conducive to fostering innovation and creative development.
Renowned for its flourishing tourism industry, Goa is becoming a hotspot for emerging startups and
professionals choosing it as a preferred workplace, drawn by its natural beauty, robust infrastructure,
and supportive government policies.
Recognizing this growing trend, Minister of ITE&C and Tourism, Shri. Rohan Khaunte, spearheaded the
call for a digital nomad visa, seeking intervention and support from the Central Government.
Shifting its focus from hard infrastructure to human capital, the Government aims to capitalize on
human resources through the G.O.A. – Global Opportunities Aggregator initiative. This groundbreaking
platform will facilitate seamless remote collaboration, safeguard Intellectual Property, provide
mentorship, and introduce a universal access card for accessing facilities like medical services,
transportation, internet, co-living, and more in Goa.
As part of its commitment to this initiative, the Government of Goa is exploring the creation of co-
working spaces on beaches and heritage locations, blending workspaces with the state's unique
geographical and historical assets.
The Global Opportunities Aggregator initiative aims to showcase Goa's distinctive qualities and also to
empower and promote local talent. The Government's move aligns with the evolving dynamics of work
and is a reflection of its dedication to fostering a conducive environment for innovation and growth.

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