May 29 , 2024

    Pratima Coutinho is a grass root karyakarta, She can join Back :- Girish Chodankar.


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    In a recent political development, Girish Chodankar expressed that Pratima Coutinho, a dedicated grassroots worker, is more than welcome to rejoin the party.

    The statement was made in recognition of her efforts and contributions as a grassroots activist, indicating that she remains a valued member in the eyes of the party leadership. Chodankar emphasized the party’s inclusive approach and its commitment to providing opportunities for dedicated workers who play an integral role in the political landscape.

    This statement underlines the party’s open and accommodating stance toward those who have worked tirelessly at the grassroots level. It reflects a larger commitment to fostering unity and collaboration within the party. Pratima Coutinho’s potential return is seen as a positive step towards further strengthening the party’s grassroots network.

    The willingness to embrace dedicated workers like Pratima Coutinho reaffirms the party’s focus on nurturing its grassroots base, which remains the backbone of its success and a key driving force in its ongoing political journey.

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