May 31 , 2024

    Former MMC Chief Savio Coutinho Joins Congress with a Mission for Margao


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    Former MMC Chief Savio Coutinho Joins Congress with a Mission for Margao


    In a significant political development, former Margao Municipal Chairperson, Savio Coutinho, officially joined the Indian National Congress on Tuesday. With unwavering determination and a clear mission in mind, Coutinho expressed his commitment to bringing about positive change in Margao, a bustling town in South Goa.

    Coutinho’s decision to align himself with the Congress party is seen as a noteworthy development, with potential implications for the political landscape in the region. His choice is underscored by a profound sense of purpose, as he believes it is instrumental for the betterment of Margao, often referred to as the commercial and cultural heart of South Goa.

    In a statement, Coutinho highlighted his conviction in the power of collective efforts and divine blessings. He stated, “I have joined the Congress with a mission, exuding confidence that Mission Margao will be successful with the blessings of Gods.” This statement reflects his optimism and dedication to his mission.

    As a former Municipal Chairperson, Savio Coutinho brings a wealth of administrative experience and local knowledge to the table. His decision to embrace the Congress party aligns with his vision for the holistic development of Margao and the well-being of its residents.

    Coutinho’s entry into the political landscape of Margao has sparked interest and anticipation, as both his mission and his association with the Congress party could potentially have a far-reaching impact on the region’s political and developmental landscape. With Savio Coutinho at the helm, Margao’s future holds the promise of positive transformation and growth, guided by a clear sense of purpose and the blessings of the divine.


    Ajay Shirodkar Founder of Shirodkar Ocean empire Pvt ltd

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