May 31 , 2024

    Last Premium Padmini Taxi Driver of Mumbai.


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    On 30th October 2023, Abdul Kareem Karsekar from Prabhadevi will drive his Black & Yellow taxi for the last time.
    His taxi MH-01-JA-2556 is the last B/Y taxi plying on Mumbai roads as all others have been stopped by Mumbai RTO.

    Abdul had registered this taxi on 30-10-2003 and his taxi permit was valid for 20 years.
    His is the only Premier Padmini taxi that was plying on Mumbai roads.
    Alas, tomorrow will mark the end of the era of Morris Oxford/ Ambassador/ Fiat Taxis.
    Abdul Kareem Karsekar said emotionally to the Press “Ye Mumbai Ki Shaan Hai aur Hamari Jaan Hai”.

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