May 31 , 2024

    Goa’s Kareena Shirodkar creates history with Pencak Silat gold in her first ever competition.


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    Goa’s Kareena Shirodkar created history in her very first Pencak Silat competition
    to help Goa clinch their second gold medal of the 37th National Games on Sunday.
    The 23-year-old, who recently completed her Bachelor’s degree in Law and wants to pursue criminal
    lawyer, dominated Jammu and Kashmir’s Jiya Choudhary 30-15 to clinch the gold medal in the
    Tanding Female 80-85 kg category at the Campal Sports Village.
    With her family and entire Goa team cheering her, Shirodkar looked confident from the start,
    opening up a 11-8 lead in the opening round and never looked back.
    “I am very happy that I could win the gold medal for Goa in my very first Pencak Silat competition. I
    love martial arts and started learning this sport just over a month ago and loved it,” said Shirodkar,
    who has already represented the state at the national level in Taekwondo.
    Asked what made her shift to Pencak Silat when Taekwondo is also part of the National Games, the
    Miramar resident said she basically loves to learn new martial art forms and decided to learn this
    sport as it is also a combat sport.
    Goa has had considerable success in Pencak Silat at the National Games with the hosts adding half a
    dozen bronze medals in Tanding through Anslet Sebastian (female 55-60 kg),
    Chloe Furtado (female 75-80 kg), Asha Naik (female 65-70 kg), Mohd. Irfan Khan (male 75-80 kg),
    Ganpatrao Desai (male 90-95 kg) and Sagar Palconda (male 85-90 kg).
    The rich haul in Pencak Silat means Goa now has bagged a total of 22 medals including two gold,
    four silver and 16 bronz

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