Goa Tourism organizes ‘The Ultimate Reel Showdown’ Competition to Showcase Real Goa & Win Big Prizes.


    Goa Tourism organizes The Ultimate Reel Showdown’ Competition, an exciting opportunity to showcase the lesser-known and diverse aspects of Goa. Going beyond its world-famous beaches, this competition aims to bring forth the cultural heritage, natural beauty, gastronomical delights, and adventure possibilities that make Goa truly special.

    Participants are encouraged to explore six unique themes that capture the essence of Goa: Spiritual Tourism in Goa, Home stays in Goa, Goa beyond beaches, Treks of Goa, Nature of Goa and Cuisines of Goa, By exploring these themes, participants not only gain a deeper understanding of Goa’s hidden gems but also have the chance to create captivating content that showcases the diverse beauty of Goa to the world. The Ultimate Reel Showdown’ Competition is open to participants of all ages with a profile that is public to all, as it is a fantastic opportunity to unearth the hidden treasures of Goa and share them with the world.

    An expert panel of judges will evaluate the entries based on creativity and originality, production quality like clear visuals and good audio, adherence to the theme and engagement such as likes, comments, shares, reach.
    There will be 3 winners selected from the competition with cash prizes of INR 25,000/- for Third place, INR 50,000/- for Second place and INR 1,00,000/- for First place.

    Participants can participate by creating a 60-90 second video [ 9:16 ratio] based on the theme with the use of our official hashtag: #TheReelGoa and Tag @goatourism in your Reel while posting.

    Goa Tourism invites all to take part in this exceptional journey of exploration and discovery.
    Visit the link below for detailed guidelines.

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