Bhavesh Shirodkar:firefighter from Morjim saved a house from a fire even while off duty.


    Bhavesh Damodar Shirodkar, a brave firefighter from Morjim who is serving at Pilerna Fire Station , risked his life by running on duty, despite being off duty.

    Bhavesh Shirodkar : Fire Fighter

    Bhavesh narrated that he received a call from the Panaji headquarters, that there is a fire in Morjim. He Immediately rush to the scene, he immediately switched off the electricity supply and opened the windows and doors of the ground floor. Since the situation on the first floor was the same, it was full of smoke and it was difficult to pass through staircase so grabbed the windows and went to the first floor and entered from there. At that time the fire took on a monstrous form and the smoke was rising and it was difficult to breathe. The windows and doors on the floor were thrown open. This time friend Sameer Wadji was asked to arrange water. They filled ten-twelve buckets and took the water inside. The fire was brought under control with the help of water. Fire brigade had reached by then said Bhavesh Shirodkar.

    Bhavesh after extinguishing fire

    Mandrem MLA Jit Arolkar Visited Bhavesh and Congratulated him for his bravery job.
    MLA Jit Arolkar said that he will personally meet CM Dr Pramod Sawant and recommend Bhavesh Shirodkar name for brave soldier award from the state government.

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