May 31 , 2024

    “The Light” brings new light to IFFI 2023


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    At the 54th India international Film Festival which is held at Goa movie ” The Light “grabbed the attention of the audience due to its unique concept and cinematography. The movie depicted a story on the women’s empowerment which is a burning issue in the society as we all talk about. This is a Biopic based on the life of” Dada
    Lekhraj Kripalani, founder of Bhramakumari known as Pitashri Bhrama”. The story is derived from the book “Ek Adbhut Jeevan Khani” penned by Jagdish Chander.

    Bhramakumari is a spiritual organisation which has been successfully running in 137 countries, spreading the message of spirituality.

    Shoojit Sircar who is the creative producer of the movie, stated that he produced so many movies but this bio feature amazed me how this organisation actually does many deeds for the women’s empowerment,i visited Bhramakumari’s centre at Mount Abu and I wonder this organisation actually empowering women’s empowerment whereas in the world,we are merely talking about.This animation movie is indeed worth watching.
    Prasad Ajgaonkar stated who gave this movie a realistic touch by animation stated that ,the story of “The Light” revolves around Baba Lekhraj’s life, how an affluent diamond merchant who gave away all his wealth and property to a trust aiming to empower women as well as spread awareness of human values and whose ultimate desire is to bring peace and harmony in the world through meditation and spirituality,to give realistic touch to this graceful story by animation is a very challenging task,yet i leave no stone unturned.

    The producer of this movie BK Harilal Bhanushali added on behalf of Bhramakumari I would like to thank the audience from Goa and many people who came to watch ‘The Light”from nook and corner of the country,special regards to IFFI,NDFC,Goa entertainment society who provide this platform to depict light on the Bhramakumari spritual organisation,our aim to produce The Light is that ,we deliver a message to the world that path of spirituality is not as tough as we assumed. See how Baba Lekhraj faced many challenges and obstacles with bravery and courage. The historical journey of becoming a Rajyogi will really inspire the audience. I firmly recommend that in today’s era where chaos and disturbance are prevailing everywhere, watching The light “will be a treat for eyes and years,I am also thankful to my creative team BK Sushil,Bk Aparna,BK Shikha.

    The Bk Jayanti (the additional chief of Bhramakumari) stated that by this movie spiritual enthusiastic will quench their thirst of exploring spirituality.

    The screening of light is witnessed and admired by Sagar Jawedkar editor of Marathi newspaper Tarun Bharat, Shripad Naik minister of shipping, waterways, tourism of Goa, Govind Gaud minister of Art,
    Sripad Naik concluded that among all the movies which have been featured at IFFI. “The Light” won my heart and I must say such type of movies should be watched by the masses, so that they can take along some spiritual message.

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