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    The evening of December 3rd, 2023, witnessed a thriving gathering at Shree Bhagwati School, Pernem, as members and numerous guests convened for a dynamic Toastmasters meeting. The event drew a diverse crowd, including several guests from the local Pernem area, all eager to explore the art of communication and leadership.

    The meeting was expertly orchestrated by Mr. Anil Lobo, a seasoned Toastmaster who served as the Toastmaster of the Day. With an engaging and informative demeanor, he steered the proceedings, ensuring a vibrant and enjoyable experience for all attendees.

    Mr. David Augustine, another seasoned Toastmaster, took on the role of General Evaluator. His insightful evaluation of the entire meeting provided valuable lessons on orchestrating well-coordinated and organized gatherings.

    Mr. Ritej Banaulikar, the Area Director of North Goa, led the Table Topics session, offering impromptu speaking opportunities to all the guests from Pernem. The light-hearted and simple topics allowed participants to showcase their speaking skills with ease and humor.

    The event also featured captivating prepared speeches by Mr. Nihal Gawandalkar and Ms. Amisa Menezes. Their presentations left a lasting impact, captivating the audience with their delivery and content.

    Constructive feedback was provided by Evaluators Mr. Allan Carasco and Mr. Sahil Salgaonkar, contributing to the growth and development of the speakers.

    Mrs. Sandhya Banaulikar, as the Grammarian, diligently monitored language usage and offered suggestions for improvement, emphasizing the importance of effective communication.

    Mr. Yash Pawar efficiently managed time, ensuring that the meeting adhered to the agenda’s schedule.

    The enthusiasm and positive feedback from all the guests reflected their willingness to join the Pernem Toastmasters club with their friends and family. They highlighted the club’s potential to create a supportive learning environment, fostering self-confidence, enhanced public speaking abilities, and leadership development within the community.

    The Pernem Toastmasters club looks forward to continuing its mission of nurturing growth, confidence, and leadership skills among its members and the broader society.

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