May 29 , 2024

    On National Tourism Day, Dept of Tourism, Govt of Goa launches Beach Vigil App: Transforming Your Beach Experience with Enhanced Management and Reporting.


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    On the occasion of National Tourism Day, the Department of Tourism, Govt of Goa, launched The ‘Beach Vigil App’, an innovative solution to enhance beach management and address various beach-related issues, in the distinguished and esteemed presence of Hon’ble Minister for Tourism, Information Technology, Electronics and Communications, and Printing and Stationery Shri. Rohan A. Khaunte, Shri. Suneel Anchipaka, IAS, Director and MD of GTDC and Mrs. Revati Kumar, CEO & ED, Goa Electronics.

    Mrs. Revati Kumar, CEO & ED, Goa Electronics Limited, Hon’ble Minister for Tourism, Information Technology, Electronics and Communications, and Printing and Stationery Shri. Rohan A. Khaunte and Shri. Suneel Anchipaka, IAS, Director and MD of GTDC.

    The Beach Vigil App focuses on timely reporting and resolution of issues that can arise on beaches. By providing a user-friendly interface, the app empowers individuals to report various concerns relating to beach activities quickly and effectively. Whether it’s the occurrence of drinking on the beach, unauthorized extensions of deck beds, hawkers selling items or food on the beach, or any other violation, users can now bring attention to these matters with just a few taps on their mobile devices. The ‘Beach Vigil App’ is now available for users to download from Play Store.

    Dr. Pramod Sawant, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Goa stated “The Beach Vigil App is a testament to our unwavering commitment to enhancing the safety, security, and overall experience of our beautiful beaches. By leveraging the power of cutting-edge technology, the Beach Vigil App empowers both locals and tourists alike to actively participate in the preservation and management of our coastal treasures. I would like to commend the Department of Tourism for their tireless efforts in developing this state-of-the-art application. Their commitment to excellence and unwavering determination have resulted in a user-friendly and efficient platform that will revolutionize the way we manage and report on our beaches. The Beach Vigil app ensures a collective responsibility and creates a harmonious relationship between tourism and environmental conservation. By promoting awareness and collaboration, we can safeguard our beaches. Let us embrace this new era of beach management and reporting with optimism, enthusiasm, and a shared commitment to our beloved Goa.”

    Hon’ble Minister for Tourism Goa, Shri. Rohan A. Khaunte stated “Today we mark the launch of the Beach Vigil App, a groundbreaking technology designed to revolutionize beach management and reporting. The Beach Vigil App is a collaborative effort aimed at ensuring the safety and well-being of locals and tourists alike. By harnessing the power of mobile technology, this app will empower citizens to play an active role in preserving our pristine coastlines and safeguarding the lives of those who enjoy them. This collaborative approach will enable us to stay ahead of potential risks and maintain the highest standards of beach management. The Beach Vigil App encompasses a wide range of stakeholders to ensure effective resolution of reported issues and I urge each and every one of you to download it today and join us in this great endeavor, where together, we can create a culture of safety and sustainability, preserving our beaches for future generations.”

    Shri. Suneel Anchipaka, IAS, Director and MD of GTDC stated “The Beach Vigil App is a shining example of how technology can be harnessed to address the challenges we currently face today. Goa’s golden ticket has always been its beaches, and we, along with the tourists have gradually learnt how to appreciate its beauty and constantly make an effort into preserving our glorious coastline . That is why The Beach Vigil app ensures a more sustainable and enjoyable experience for all, as it stands as a powerful tool for change to protect our natural marvels.”

    Issues that can be reported on the Beach Vigil App include: Drinking on the beach, Unauthorized deck bed extensions on the beach, Hawkers selling items on the beach, Hawkers selling food on the beach, Garbage on the beach, Waste littering on the beach, Drowning incidents on the beach, Cooking on the beach, Sound pollution on the beach, Vehicles on the beach, Beach weddings, Events on the beach, Illegal structures on the beach, Massages on the beach, Tattoos on the beach and Touts on the beach.

    The internal mapping of the app has been completed and includes an auto-escalation mechanism to ensure that reported violations are swiftly addressed by the relevant authorities. The app’s system will promptly notify and assign the concerned person to attend to the reported issue, streamlining the resolution process.

    Recognizing the importance of prompt action, the Beach Vigil App has set a timeline duration of 2 hours for issue resolution, except for cases reported between 6pm and 8am. The app’s dedication to timely response ensures that everyone can enjoy their experience while feeling safe and secure.

    Currently available for Android users, the development team is actively working on launching an IOS version in the near future to expand accessibility and reach a wider user base.

    The Beach Vigil App does not cover issues related to private property on the beach. However, any other concerns or violations can be swiftly reported through the app by dialing the Goa Tourism Helpline Number 1364.

    In order to enhance the beach tourism sector, it is crucial to implement a holistic management approach that caters to the needs of both beaches and tourists. This approach aims to address various aspects and ensure a sustainable and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Collaboration between information technology and the tourism sector presents numerous opportunities for the future. By leveraging technology, tourism institutions can streamline their operations, enhance visitor experiences, and tap into new markets.

    Join the movement for safer and more sustainable beaches and be a responsible guardian of our coastal treasures.

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