February 27 , 2024

    ‘NoMoZo’ on Jan 28 at Porvorim


    FILMBUSTER: Unveiling a Cinematic Extravaganza

    Club Filmatics, in association with the Department of Mass...

    Porvorim Police arrests 3rd suspect in the NS Dhillon murder case.

    Brief facts of the case:-On 04/02/2024 received information from...

    Porvorim Police arrests 3rd suspect in the Nims Dhillon murder case

    Brief facts of the case:-On 04/02/2024 received information from...

    Mahesh Nadar promoted as Working President of Goa Youth Congress.

    South Goa Youth Congress President Mahesh Nadar has...


    NoMoZo 5.0

    The fifth edition of ‘NoMoZo’ will be held on January 28,on the Porvorim service road.This is platform which showcase and encourage various activities, including fitness, sports, culture, heritage, local art, and crafts, aiming to unite people across all age groups.
    Football club FC Goa will offer a children’s activity zone at the event. Designed for under-18s, it will foster interaction through engaging challenges. The club emphasizes the importance of face-to-face connection in building genuine relationships with fans.
    Health Zone by Rotary Club of Porvorim will offer free general health checkups, blood pressure and sugar monitor-ing, bone density tests, and on-site pap smear and mammography tests for women.
    Astronomy Zone by Friends of Astronomy will feature telescopes for daytime and evening viewing, school-cre-ated Chandrayaan models, and astronomy-related infor mation and videos.

    The event will have an IT zone where attendees can delve into the world of information technology through interactive pres-entations,
    gaining insights into a high-demand career field.

    Eco Zone with Group Ten-Plus and YIMBI will promote responsible waste
    management , educating the participants about proper e-waste recycling and waste segregation through engaging activities.
    At the event, Youth Zone by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CIl) will shed light on accessibility, climate change,entrepreneurship,and other critical issues with quizzes, skits, and activities designed to raise awareness and encourage youth engagement in national develop-ment.

    There will be a Fitness Zone with arm wrestling competitions where Gauresh Govind
    Gawas of Repulse Fitness Studio will introduce the new event, offering exciting competitions and prizes.

    IHM & Yuva Tourism Zone will provide insights into diverse tourism cultures, career counsel-ling, Swachh Bharat Mission awareness programmes, and lively performances.

    Also there will be Pet Zone

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