July 10 , 2024

    Joint Effort by NAR India and GAR Results in Ground-breaking Industrial Real Estate & Warehousing Conclave.


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    NAR India and GAR joined forces to organize a First ever Real Estate and Warehousing Conclave in Goa, marking a significant milestone in the industry. The 16th NAR-INDIA National Convention served as the ideal backdrop for this unique gathering of industry leaders, professionals, and stakeholders, addressing key challenges and opportunities in the realm of Industrial Real Estate & Warehousing.

    Aligned with the convention’s overarching theme, the event, strategically coinciding with the ‘leap’ day, emphasized progress, innovation, and forward momentum. This additional day in the calendar provided a golden opportunity for participants to engage with industry leaders, establish new partnerships, and gain valuable insights for practical application.

    Mr. Ravi Varma, Chairman Emeritus, Mr. Sumanth Reddy – Chairman (NAR India), Mr. Tarun Bhatia, Vice Chairman and Global Ambassador, Mr. Shivakumar C. R. – Immediate Past President (NAR India), Mr. Amit Chopra – President (NAR India), Mr. Chandresh Vithalani President-Elect (NAR India), Mr. Vikas Agarwal – Secretary (NAR India), Mr. Ashsish Mehta, Treasurer (NAR India), Mr. Ashwin Rasane Organising Secretary (NAR India), Mr. Mehul Vithalani – Director – West Zone (NAR India), Mr. Keshav Prabhu – President (GAR), Mr. Nitin Mehra – Chairperson Convention, Mr. Ravish Manchanda – Chairperson Expo & Conclave, Mr. Raj Mehta – Chairperson Hospitality & Registration addressed the media recently.

    Mr. Ravi Varma, Chairman Emeritus, Mr. Sumanth Reddy – Chairman (NAR India), Mr. Shivakumar C. R. – Immediate Past President (NAR India), Mr. Amit Chopra – President (NAR India), Mr. Chandresh Vithalani President-Elect (NAR India).

    Diverse companies within the real estate sector actively participated in the conclave by setting up stalls to exhibit their offerings. Among the notable participants were Escala Realty, The Windsouls, All Warehouses, Privyr, Sumadhura Logistics Park, Manasum Senior Living, Rayna Properties, Northeast Florida Association of Realtors, Manas Developers, Gera, The Homes Collection, Central Park, Acron, Real Budget, and Real Budget Growth Ltd.

    NARVIGATE 2024 provided a Diverse Learning Opportunity. The convention features a robust agenda with keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops, and interactive sessions. Topics will cover technological integration, market trends, legal and regulatory updates, marketing strategies, and much more. The focus is on equipping participants with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the complexities of the modern real estate landscape.

    Celebration of Excellence: NARVIGATE 2024 serves as a celebration of excellence within the real estate community. Through awards and recognitions, the convention will honor individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to the industry, showcasing success stories that can inspire others.
    Insightful Sessions and Panels: The Industrial Real Estate & Warehousing Conclave features a lineup of thought leaders and industry experts:

    • Sahil Barua, CEO and Co-Founder, Delivery: An insightful session focusing on the future of logistics and e-commerce, and their impact on real estate and development.
    • Ashwinder R. Singh, CEO – Residential, Bhartiya Urban: A Ted Talk style address on sustainable development, zero carbon goals, and their necessity for consumer and environmental well-being.
    • Government of Goa, IDC, EDC, GIDC: Exploring key initiatives, regulatory updates, and investment avenues within Goa’s real estate landscape.
    • Logistics and Supply Chain Management Panel: An academic perspective on the challenges and strategies in logistics and supply chain management, featuring Raj V. Amonkar, Professor, Goa Institute of Management.
    • Business Coaching Session by Amandeep Thind: Strategies and insights for personal and business growth within the real estate sector.
    • Ambassador Conclave Panel Discussion: Navigating the Terrain – Strategies for Land Acquisition, Brokerage Evolution, and Expansion into Tier II Cities, with speakers Amit Damodar and Arif Siddiqui.
    • Fireside Chat: Revolutionizing the Landscape – Industrial Real Estate in the Age of Innovation, featuring Nirav Kothary, Director, Godwitt Construction, in conversation with KK Duraj, Father of Bhiwandi.

    A diverse array of professionals from various sectors, including Policy Makers, Developers, Supply Chain Consultants, Growth-seeking industries, Logistics Professionals, Tenants & Occupants, Contractors, Architects & Consultants, Realtors, and Brokers attended the conclave to enhance their understanding of Warehousing and Industrial Space.

    Discussions at the conclave delved into crucial topics such as India’s position as a global manufacturing hub, the entry of 3PL Companies into Warehousing, the evolving needs & specifications of occupants shaping current trends, the technological integration of AI & Robotics in Warehousing, anticipated requirements from developers & realtors by 3PL tenants, the identification of Goa as an emerging market in the Warehousing & Industrial Real Estate landscape, and the Goa Logistics & Warehousing Policy.

    The Conclave served as a platform for extensive discussions, fostering dialogue on critical issues facing the industry while highlighting the latest trends and innovations. Attendees not only gained valuable insights but also had the opportunity to network, setting the stage for the future of Industrial Real Estate & Warehousing.

    Commenting on the event, Mr. Amit Chopra, President of NAR India, stated, “This ground-breaking Conclave serves as a testament to the collaborative spirit of NAR India and GAR, bringing together industry leaders to address pivotal challenges and pave the way for innovation in Industrial Real Estate & Warehousing.”

    Mr. Sumanth Reddy, Chairman of NAR-INDIA & MD IIRE, added, “The discussions at the Conclave underscored the dynamic landscape of the industry, from technological advancements to the identification of emerging markets. It’s not just an event; it’s a catalyst for shaping the future of Warehousing and Industrial Real Estate.”

    Talking about the event Immediate Past President Nar-India Mr. CR Shiva Kumar said “Over the years, we have consistently united the Real Estate Industry to deliberate on ongoing industry trends and emerging opportunities. Beyond a conventional event, our conclave serves as a dynamic catalyst, propelling the transformation of Warehousing and Industrial Real Estate towards a promising future.”

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