May 30 , 2024

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    In view of the challenges faced by persons with disabilities, the Office of the Goa State Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities, in collaboration with Ramp My City and Enable India, has launched an ambitious project to make various establishments, hotels and showrooms in Panaji city accessible to persons with disabilities.

    In this regard, Goa State Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities Guruprasad Pavaskar stated that, “The office of State Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities is getting the support of Panaji Municipal Corporation to ensure accessibility for persons with disabilities in various establishments, hotels and shops in Panaji city.”

    Highlighting how disabled people face obstacles and problems in public places as vehicles are parked on ramps that are accessible to disabled persons, Mr. Pawaskar gave an example. He said, “In one particular incident, the ramp was damaged due to a parked motorcycle cracking the cement layer on the ramp.

    This happened despite clear signs that the seats were reserved for the disabled.”
    Mr. Pawaskar said, “There is a need to increase awareness and consciousness in the society due to such incidents. Also, strictly and positively following the rules at such reserved, accessible places will be in the interest of all. The process of change takes time. International Purple Fest will serve as an effective means of raising public awareness, promoting inclusiveness and accessibility for persons with disabilities. In the ongoing Smart City project, extensive efforts are being made to ensure accessibility.”
    On this occasion, he mentioned that this year the Vidhan Sabha complex at Parvari has been made accessible for disabled people. Also, accessible ramps are being developed for disabled people in various government buildings and accessible and friendly changes are being made for disabled people.
    Emphasizing the commitment to accessibility for all, Mr. Pawaskar added, “The Office of the Goa State Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities has always been at the forefront of the movement to increase universal accessibility for persons with disabilities through the support of state government initiatives and corporate social responsibility projects.”

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