May 29 , 2024

    Gadre Gaspar Dias Open 2024 gets underway in Panaji


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    The Gadre Gaspar Dias Open 2024 state-level tennis tournament got underway at Miramar in Panaji on Thursday.

    Veteran players participating in the 45+ years singles and veterans doubles for the 90+ years categories took guard at the courts located at the Clube Tennis de Gaspar Dias and the Panjim Gymkhana in the state capital. The one-set matches were keenly contested by participants.

    In the veterans 45+ singles category matches held on Thursday, Srivatsa Rao beat Sachin Gandhi (6-2) , Krishna beat Jijesh ( 6-0), Sanjeev Gholap beat Natraj Gujran (6-4) Prafful Nagwani beat Devendra Hoshing (6-2), Siddhu beat Mackelroy (6-0), Pavan Mokashi beat Sunil Signapurkar (6-2), Parthasarthi beat Santosh Parchani (6-4), Vijay Meher beat Rahul Kapse (6-0), Laxman Autade beat Anup Sardesai (6-1), Anand Jakati beat Kishor Metry (6-0), Anand Rao beat Denzil (6-4).

    In the veterans 55+ singles category, Ramesh Karande beat Goudappanavar (6-2), Parag Shebdale beat Indrajit (6-0), Biswajit Roy beat Vijay Desai (6-3), Ashok Kolekar beat Swapnil Bugde (6-1). In the veterans 90+ doubles category, Anand/Ashwin beat Vijay M/Joao M (6-2), Manjunath/Venkatesh beat Sanket/Pramod (6-3), Joy/Govind beat Rahul/Yuvraj (6-2), Arup/Vikrant beat Santosh Parchani/Uttam Mane (6-4), doubles Bruce/Vinoy beat Nagesh/Indrajit (6-4).

    The next 10 days will witness matches across various categories. Open’s categories will begin on January 29 and end on February 4.

    “The Gadre Group takes pride in its affiliation with the Gadre Gaspar Dias Open 2024. We have partnered with this tournament for several years and the current year has seen a record-breaking number of registered entries at 479. This indicates a growing popularity of the event among tennis enthusiasts of all ages in the state,” said Arjun Gadre.

    The event, which features the participation of young tennis players, who have previously played at national events, including the National Games, has witnessed the highest number of registered participants – more than one hundred – in the men’s singles category.

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