June 1 , 2024

    Don’t Grant Permission to Sunburn Festival: Anjuna-Caisua Biodiversity Management Committee


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    The Anjuna- Caisua Biodiversity Management Committee Chairman Ramesh Naik has filed a complaint with the concerned authority not grant any permission to the Sunburn EDM Festival scheduled to take place at Vagator from 28th -31st December 2023.
    The organization of the Sunburn Music Festival leads to massive loss of biodiversity by killing the trees on the hilltops, heaps of garbage remain in the place after the festival,creates traffic jams, dust and noise pollution which is adversely affecting the daily life of the common people.
    Copies of this complaint have been given to Director of Tourism, North Goa Superintendent of Police, Mapusa Deputy Superintendent of Police, Anjuna Police Inspector and Anjuna Caisua Panchayat.

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