May 29 , 2024

    Don’t give up traditional farming, says Ferreira


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    Aldona MLA Adv Carlos Alvares Ferreira urged people to continue traditional cultivation in the state.

    He was speaking at the harvesting of paddy crops at Nachinola on Thursday.

    “We have started harvesting the paddy crop at Nachinola. Adarsh Shetkari Society has got the harvesting machine. They have been getting the machine for nearly 11 years now. Farmers are also happy,” he said.

    “I had raised the issue in the assembly that modern technology should be used to get better yield. Traditional farming methods should not be given up. We must also not give up traditional cultivation as it is valuable and such yield is not available in the market,” he said.

    “Agriculture is the mainstay of the rural villages of Goa and India. Mahatma Gandhi had said that people live in the villages. And if this is the culture then I have also come back to live in Corjuem. I appeal to everyone – young, old and middle-aged – come forward and help our farmers. Get involved in farming and make our state green and beautiful. Let’s work to save our state,” he said.

    Ajay Shirodkar Founder of Shirodkar Ocean empire Pvt ltd

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