Aguad Interactive Museum: Goa – The Land, The Struggle, The People inaugurated

    A first of its kind museum, showcasing Goa's legacy through use of innovative technology, opens its doors to visitors


    Hon’ble Minister for Tourism, Shri. Rohan Khaunte inaugurated the Aguad Interactive Museum: Goa – The Land, The Struggle, The People in Goa today. Also present were Shri. Michael Lobo Hon’ble MLA Calangute, Shri. Sanjay Goel, IAS Secretary Tourism & IT, Shri. Suneel Anchipaka, IAS – Director Tourism & MD, GTDC and Mr. Naveen Chopra, Group CEO, Waterfront Experiences Pvt. Ltd, Located within the historic Aguad Port Jail Complex, dating back to 1612, this museum stands as a remarkable achievement in the preservation of Goa’s rich history and vibrant culture.

    With a refreshing approach to storytelling, the Aguad Interactive Museum invites visitors to engage themselves in the captivating narrative of Goa. This museum, intricately weaves together Goa’s legacy through interactive mediums and use of cutting-edge technology.

    Tourism Minister Rohan Khaunte remarked. “The Aguad Interactive Museum enriches Goa’s vibrant array of tourist experiences by seamlessly blending technology with engaging storytelling. It artfully communicates the essence of Goa – its people, culture, history, and the pursuit of freedom.”

    This visionary museum, commissioned by the Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) and designed and conceptualised by Oorja Interactive and Delta Technologies, stands as a testament to Goa’s rich heritage. It not only celebrates the historical significance of the region but also resonates with the contemporary spirit of the state, fostering responsible tourism and offering unforgettable experiences to all visitors.

    The Museum features a range of interactive exhibits housed in three prison cells. Each cell offers an interactive experience, providing a captivating journey through various aspects of Goa’s heritage. Room-1: Goa – The Land invites visitors to explore iconic landmarks. Highlights include the unveiling of

    Aguad Fort Jail through an interactive 3D map and the opportunity to delve into lesser-known facts
    using the “Discover Goa” console. Additionally, the innovative Story Vending Machine, dispenses tangible snippets of history in the form of short story excerpts,

    Room-2: Goa – The Struggle encompasses a journey through Goa’s path to liberation. Key features consist of the gamified Time Machine, providing visitors with insights into random, but important, historical dates with a simple pull of a lever. The interactive Freedom Fighters Wall enables visitors to connect with freedom fighter stories, while the “Message In A Bottle” exhibit allows for the discovery of their thoughts.

    Room-3: Goa – The People submerges visitors into the depths of Goa’s ethnography and anthropology. It features captivating kiosks such as “Once Upon a Time” which explores prehistoric findings, “Goenkar” for discovering prominent Goans, and the soulful “Music of Goa”. Visitors can also witness Goa’s cultural vision in “Goa 2035” through a captivating holographic installation.

    Aguad Interactive Museum stands as the first of its kind, effectively spotlighting Goa’s heritage and culture, rendering Aguad an essential destination for all types of visitors. “We are thankful to the dedicated team of professional curators, artists, and historians, appointed by the State Government, who have meticulously curated this captivating experience. The museum offers both entertainment and education, taking visitors on a journey through history while delighting them with the use of innovative storytelling methods. The user-friendly interactive mechanisms ensure a seamless experience for all.” stated Naveen Chopra, Group CEO, Waterfront Experiences Pvt. Ltd., the organisation responsible for managing Aguad.

    A must-visit destination for tourists and locals alike, the museum provides interactive kiosks equipped with a smart content management system. Visitors can access audio guides via a mobile-friendly web app using QR codes spread throughout the site, ensuring a truly engaging and educational experience.

    Aguad Interactive Museum: Goa – The Land, The Struggle, The People stands as a remarkable ode to Goa’s intricate past, celebrating both its historical significance and its contemporary essence. It is a destination that embraces its rich legacy while paving the way for Goa’s future as a cultural hub.

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